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Bauxite Minerals

Brand : SMN
Product origin : China
Delivery time : Within 15-20 days
Supply capacity : 3000MT per month
MOQ : 20MT

As the raw material of refractory, bauxite aggregate is made through a series of manufacturing process. With the high amount of Al2O3, it possesses with high temperature and strong strength. Bauxite is widely used in refractory material, refractory concrete and casting field.

1. Introduction of Bauxite Minerals:

Bauxite is also known as high aluminum clinker. It is divided into raw bauxite and bauxite aggregate. According to the particles, it also can be divided into two types: bauxite aggregate and bauxite powder. Its main component is alumina, which is a hydrated alumina containing impurities and a kind of earthy mineral. The density of bauxite is 3.9 ~ 4g / cm3, and hardness is 1-3.

Bauxite Minerals,Bauxite Aggregate,High Aluminun Bauxite

2. Application of Bauxite Minerals:

a. Main raw materials for making bauxite aggregates, granules and bauxite powder.

b. Used in refractory products: high alumina bauxite clinker has a refractoriness of up to 1780 ° C, and strong chemical stability and good physical properties.

c. Refractory castable: The bauxite clinker can be made by using bauxite clinker aggregate as raw material and adding appropriate binder.

d. Manufacture of various compounds of alumina, abrasive materials, ceramics industry and chemical industry aluminum.

e. Aluminosilicate refractory fiber. It has the advantages of light weight, high temperature resistance, good thermal stability, low thermal conductivity, low heat capacity and resistance to mechanical vibration. Used in steel, non-ferrous metallurgy, electronics, petroleum, chemical, aerospace, atomic energy, national defense and other industries. It puts high-alumina clinker into a high-temperature electric arc furnace with a melting temperature of about 2000~2200°C. After high-temperature melting, high-pressure high-speed air or steam blowing and cooling, it becomes a white “cotton” – aluminum silicate. Refractory fiber. It can be pressed into a fiber blanket, a board or a woven fabric instead of a refractory brick lining the industrial high temperature kiln such as smelting, chemical, and glass. Firefighters can make clothes with refractory fiber cloth.

f. Precision casting. The bauxite clinker is processed into a fine powder to be cast and then cast. Used in the military, aerospace, communications, instrumentation, machinery and medical equipment sectors.

Bauxite Minerals,Bauxite Aggregate,High Aluminun Bauxite

3. Specification of Bauxite Minerals:

a. bauxite aggregate: 0-1mm, 1-3mm, 0-30mm, 0-50mm etc.

b. bauxite powder: 200mesh

Poduct Name

Al %

Si %

Fe %

K %

Na %


Water absorption

High aluminum  bauxite 90





High aluminum bauxite 88








High aluminum  bauxite 85








High aluminum  bauxite 83








High aluminum  bauxite 80








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