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Calcined Bauxite

Brand : SMN
Product origin : Henan, China
Delivery time : 15-20 days
Supply capacity : 3000MT per month
MOQ : 20MT

1.Introduction of Calcined Bauxite:

Calcined bauxite is also named as high aluminum bauxite. Various bauxite high alumina brick is a kind of  refractory or anticorrosive materials, which is widely used in the metallurgical industry and other industries. Especially in the top of electric furnace, blast furnace and hot blast stove, the refractory effect is very remarkable, and the performance is superior to ordinary clay refractory brick.

Refractory Bauxite,Bauxite Minerals,Bauxite Ore

2. Size of Calcined Bauxite:

1) 0-1mm, 1-3mm, 3-5mm, 5-8mm, 0-30mm, 200mesh.

2) Different size and form of granule and powder could produced as request.  

Manufacturing Process

First step, the natural bauxite ore is to be sintered in the rotary kiln in order to make the raw material into bauxite clinker. Second step, seleting, crushing and filtering. Finally, curshing high alumina aggregate to be various granularity, 0-1mm, 1-3mm, 3-5mm, 0-30mm etc.

3.Specefication of Calcined Bauxite:

Product Name

Al %

Si %

Fe %

K %

Na %


Water absorption

High aluminum  aggregate 90





High aluminum  aggregate 88








High aluminum  aggregate 85








High aluminum  aggregate 83








High aluminum  aggregate 80








4.Bauxite Ore and Bauxite Factory:

Refractory Bauxite,Bauxite Minerals,Bauxite Ore

We export calcined bauxite to many countries. Our capacity of production is stable. Customers choose our bauxite for their refractory bricks, abrasives, steel polishing etc. 

5. Loading Photos:

Refractory Bauxite,Bauxite Minerals,Bauxite Ore

Packaging Method: 

25kg/50kg woven bag or ton bag;

The advantages of the woven bag: It is very convenient to use bauxite materials, and the calcined bauxite can be manually operated. 

Disadvantages: It needs more time to load on the port.

Advantages of tons of bags: It is easy to load and unload, but it is not as convenient as woven bags when preparing materials.

6. Related Products:

Refractory Bauxite,Bauxite Minerals,Bauxite Ore

As a refractory material, calcined bauxite is very popular in the world. Andalusite is also a refractory material with high properties. Andalusite is a superior high-alumina refractory material.It has the characteristics of high-temperature resistance, chemical corrosion resistance, heat resistance, high-impact resistance and high thermal mechanical strength.It has a wide range of application and high economic value. 

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